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“I got in contact with Max and decided to join in with his group training sessions. I was surprised at how varied each workout was and how relevant it seemed to be for me as a boxer. The group was a mix of men and women and everyone was working at their own level and the session flew by. I then started 1 on 1 training with Max and the gains in fitness and strength were rapid.

My weight steadily decreased and was maintainable with Max’s training which is vital in my sport. I would recommend Max to anyone interested in effective, professional training no matter what your sport or goal is.”

Dean Dodge, Western Counties Boxing Champion

“I have found Max Cranage’s personal training sessions extremely beneficial. A combination of weight loss, strength gain and a big improvement in my fitness has really helped my Rugby game.

My sessions are designed to improve my performance in Rugby and they certainly have done that. I recommended Max to the Club coach which led to him training the Club’s 1st and 2nd team in the pre season for 8 weeks in 2011 which was a great success.”

Jon Hendy, Chard Rugby Club

“Throughout my boxing career, my training has been hard and intense. Training yourself or within a boxing gym group is great but it was only when i started training with Max that i realised there was so much more potential within me.

He really knows his stuff and he has helped me with my strength & conditioning building up to my previous fight. I felt so much stronger and i felt like i could perform for so much longer. I won my last fight and part of that win was being in fantastic shape through the 6 weeks of training building up to it.”

Justin Hicks, Ex Professional Boxer

“I have trained with Max for over four years and he has always delivered. Sometimes I’ve needed to up my fitness and sometimes my strength and sometimes I’ve just wanted to have fun!. Circuits, boxing, crossfit Max can do it all.

Currently Max is supporting me as a triathlete, I can swim bike and run but I need a core strength and Max is helping me achieve that goal.  It is an hour each week that I really look forward to.”

Paula Green, Triathlete

“I have been training with Max for almost a year. As a practicing polo player, I was keen to improve my upper body strength and core strength to get the best out of my game. Max always makes the sessions fun and every session is different.

Through a variety of boxercise, weights, resistance and cardiovascular exercises, I am achieving a stronger and toned physique and most importantly enjoying it! I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending Max as a PT.”

Helen Watts, Polo Player

“During my summer break before pre-season training i got in touch with Max over the internet. After discussing what i wanted to improve on, we started to develop my speed, flexibility and agility.

The sessions kept me ticking over untill i started pre season and i felt definite improvement after the training sessions. I took away some agility exercises from the sessions with Max which i encorporate into my own training now.”

Darren Behcet, Tooting & Mitchem FC Goalkeeper

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